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released July 11, 2016


tags: punk Oakland


all rights reserved


KAPITAL Oakland, California


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Track Name: Structures of Violence
boot on the neck. spit it in the face. Violence dictates.
beliefs condition the mind, actions maintain domination/

structures of violence

illusions of opportunity, bullshit rhetoric of equality
dont speak of what don't know.
you may choose to abstain but the structures remain.

structures of violence
Track Name: Never Forgive
bloodstains across generations. names they would rather we forget.
the wheel of history turns again, so many crushed under it's weight.

no. never forgive, never forget.

no sympathy for what they've brought on themselves
their power, their wealth has been paid for by blood
legacies built upon broken backs

no. never forgive, never forget
Track Name: Nothing Left
it feels empty, it feels worthless
trapped inside, stuck in a cycle.
grasping for meaning that isnt there

nothing left

whats left to hope for? whats left to gain?
so sick of the same questions
dont fool yourself

nothing left
Track Name: Turn Your Back
Ive seen it before, so many times
Empty words but your actions speak loud
No respect, no understanding of those before
You’ve closed your eyes and walked away

You turned your back but whats the cost?
You turned your back, I wont forget.

You've chosen your life, you've chosen your way
Not concerned with whose backs you'll be walking on
You've turned your back, you've turned your back
Think you've found a better way
So many wont forget

You turned your back but whats the cost?
You turned your back, I wont forget.
Track Name: Smash Apartheid
*Dedicated to the Palestinian struggle for liberation.

smash apartheid
no justification for genocide
state sanctioned violence repeats
stolen lands and lives destroyed.

the struggle continues, the power remains. smash apartheid

walls built to confine. blood in the streets.
families torn apart. military repression.
seek to control but resistance wont die.

the struggle continues, the power remains. smash apartheid
Track Name: Blood
The far reaching arms of the state
Their hands maintaining a violent grasp
Intentions dont matter, they exist to preserve by any means

You've got blood on your hands

Its not a matter of what’s broken and what can be fixed
The violence carries on how they intended
Violence, intimidation, murder

You've got blood on your hands